Condo Living for Dummies

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If you are planning to move in a condo and do not have any idea on what the first few steps are, then you came to the right place. Browse ideal condos as much as you can. Being able to have the time to choose the right condo is something that you should put in your list, but make sure to put a deadline so you can move as soon as possible. Ask relatives and friends. Normally, there will always be someone in your life who knows a good place, so make sure to also have a list of family and friends to get great deals. You may also want to visit the top choices of condos you have picked, this will help you choose fast. Make sure that before agreeing on getting the chosen condo, you are given all the necessary details and read all the documents to prevent future harm in the pocket.

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Guarantee your Security with Proximity Alarm Devices

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Security is very essential nowadays. In a rapid changing world where riots, mobs, gangs and terrorists exist almost everywhere, precaution and other preventive measures are necessary.

You could be living in a condo or the prestigious suburbs nevertheless, this does not guarantee you a theft-free zone. Bandits are becoming wiser and their schemes are ingenious. Therefore, before leaving your house, especially over a weekend or during holidays, setting up a house proximity alarms should be prioritized in order for you to have a pleasurable worry-free vacation. House alarms are available in the stores today and can be bought at a reasonable price. You would rather pay for a minimum amount of security system than covered up everything that is lost, right? There are even sophisticated alarms that have direct access to the police station in your locality. Although, this one involves a special arrangement with the agency.

Be aware, be warned, have your place secured with proximity alarm devices.

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Choosing To Go Green

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It is something admirable whenever a corporation or a business decides that they want to help care for Mother Nature and preserve the earth. Condominiums are now following the trend of using sustainable materials, saving the earth one step at a time.

When choosing a place to live in, it’s always better to support green living. It doesn’t pollute the earth much and it is built in every way to preserve, reuse and renovate in an ecological manner. There are also so many benefits of living in an environmental friendly building. First and most important is that your health is automatically improved just by being the environment. Breathe easier and separate yourself from the pollution from the outside world.

Have the natural sun shine on you. Homes with natural lighting save a lot of money and is essentially more beautiful to look at. This also saves electricity which then allows you to cut down on the bills.

Japanese Themed Condo

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Condos are sometimes limited in space since people have to share a building. So if you want to have a feel of a more spacious room, the creative way to achieve that is to have a Japanese themed condo. It is very easy to transform a your place into a Japanese inspired room. The reason is it’s very minimal and simplistic. Asian rooms also gives off a very relaxing vibe so clutter is nowhere in sight. Here’s a step by step instruction on how to have your own Japanese room.

Paint your walls to a solid color. It can be dark or light, it doesn’t matter. As long as it’s a solid color. Use a variety of wood for furniture. Like a wooden armoir, or a wooden low bed. Wood should be a big part of the room. Place mats on the floor. Tatami mats are a typical feature in Japanese rooms. It can be in the middle of a living room or placed right below your bed.

For decor, it is best to go make a research on Japanese art. Japanese artwork is simple. Most of it is created with ink and paper. There are plenty to find in a department store of Japanese stores. A big art piece on the center of the room is more than enough. If you want to add more decor, add greenery. A plant bamboo is a staple piece in normal Japanese homes.

Condominium Rules

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As boring as it seems, people can not avoid rules. At some point in life, everyone has to follow a set of rules in order to bring peace and stability in an organization or society. This applies specially applies when you are living in a condominium where space is being shared with other people. Without these rules, condo associations could face difficulties. Rules in condominiums vary and depends on the homeowner’s association but there are some that exists in all. The most common rules in a condominium are as follows:

Noise Level- Since you are sharing space with other residents, a certain respect should be given to people. Noise level should be lowered to a minimum at sleeping hours. (normally begins from 10pm)

Offensive Activities should not be done in common areas (or everywhere at all times for that matter!)

Outdoor equipment of children’s toys should be left in the common areas where it was found. If anything needs to be borrowed, the resident should ask permission from the administration before hand.

Payment of Association dues shall be made and shall be made on time to continue enjoying the amenities in the condominium.

Condo Complications

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There could be complications whenever one decides to move to a new place. Whether you choose to live in a house or a condo, problems are likely to arise. In this article, you will learn about the possible and common problems that one can encounter when living in a condo.

The first problem an owner will likely have is the right of access to the condo records. Statistics show that up to 33% of owners have been denied access to simple condo records. These occur when some unknown charges appear in monthly dues. So before signing anything, you should BE CLEAR about obtaining all records necessary so confusion won’t occur. Another issue is when it comes to maintenance and repairs and who will be responsible for it. If anything that is common ownership to others gets broken, do the owner need to pay or will the condo directors replace these things? There should be a legal contract that one can study that states exactly the roles of everyone involved.

Carefree Lifestyle

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There are many advantages of condo living and one of them is being able to have a carefree lifestyle. Setting up for a life in a condo is lesser stress than getting your own house. Specially if you find a condo that is already furnished for you, then all you have to do is add more things inside that would make it more your style. It is also much more affordable than buying a house. But what’s so appealing about living in a building where your neighbors are literally right next door/a few steps away from you? It’s carefree! Everything is taken care for you. You have 24 hours security, and maintenance. No need to water those plants or clean outside, because someone is doing that for you! Many condos also offer different amenities such as swimming pool, gym, sauna, playground for kids and other recreational facilities that you and your family can enjoy! What else is there to ask?

Association Dues

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Paying to buy a condo is not just the only thing you have to worry about when you are an owner. What people tend to forget is Association Dues that they also have to take care of every month. Condo renters know about this because it is part of their monthly bills but the owners will also need to pay this too. The moment the turn over of the condo happens, is also the same time the owner starts paying the fees. When the owner has full responsibility for his/her unit. A homeowners’ association is usually a not-for-profit organization which makes rules regarding what can and cannot occur in homes, and also determines the money spent on shared property. They are assigned to take care of the maintenance of the condo including the cleaning of all shared areas, the hiring of people who takes care of these place and so on.

Some Costs Involved When Securing A Mortgage

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There are a number of direct and indirect costs included in obtaining a mortgage. Maybe not all of them are applicable in your situation but it is useful to know them.

  • Appraisal Fee is shouldered by the borrower. The lender usually gets its appraiser to know the value of the security for mortgage purposes.
  • Property Inspection Fee. Inspection is done to assure the borrower that he/she is buying a house in the condition he/she expects..
  • Survey Fee. A survey is usually required so the lender knows the exact dimensions of the property to be used as security. This is also done so the lender knows if the building meets the requirements for set backs according to the law. A survey is normally required of older buildings. If you are buying a new or relatively new property, then you could request that the survey requirement be waived .
  • Mortgage Insurance Fee is paid if and when required by the lender.
  • Fire and Liability Insurance Premiums. Primary lenders require borrowers to have sufficient fire insurance to cover the amount of mortgage and that they be paid first. Secondary lenders have the same requirement except that they must be paid second, so on and so forth. The borrower must have ample replacement insurance and must indicate to the lender’s lawyer whether the lender will be paid first or second.
  • Renovation, Repair and Redecoration Costs must be factored into the purchase price. Major repairs need a substantial amount of money, therefore the borrower can bargain for a lower price to cover the cost of repairs.

Condominium 101 Tips

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Condominiums are no longer for the retiree and well-to-do. Whether a first-time home buyer looking for a safe place to raise their children or the young professional looking for luxurious living, the growing market of condos offers another option to buyers of every kind. While most may consider condos to be new or extravagant, the fact is condos do not have to be. There is a growing trend of reconstructing rental units into condominiums and the market is taking it in stride. Condo conversions are, however, causing a decrease in the rental inventory in major cities, such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Miami. This is not stopping developers; however, as the condo conversions are priced affordably and are being snatched up by first- time homebuyers everywhere. Developers are purchasing run-down apartment buildings in properties that are close to jobs and schools, converting them into affordable condo units, and refurbishing them with more extravagant upgrades, such as carpeting and stainless steel appliances. They then will revamp the common areas and put them on the market. To help them sell, many are including incentives and even offering to pay the closing costs for buyers. Many first-time homebuyers and retirees are purchasing them as they feel more secure.

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