Tips For Individuals Living in a Small Space Condo

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Here’s a useful tip for individuals living in a small space condo. In a small master bedroom, it is key to keep it’s use concise. If you can, minimize the amount of furniture and locate the bed central to the room. Depending on design style, keep side tables to a small size or float shelves from the wall to visually free up floor space. An option is to have a licensed electrician install wall mounted lamps, that can be purchased with a swing arm to adjust position, which is great for reading in bed. Keep the scale of lamps appropriate to the side tables. Large lamps will overwhelm the room.

Sssshhh… Keep Quiet!

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Have you realized the importance of respecting your neighbor especially if you live in a condo or an apartment? Please don’t allow your children to scream and run up and down the hallways. As cute as it may seem to you, it annoys everyone else in the building. If this is something you let your children do, you might know why nobody talks to you. There is nothing wrong with walking around your apartment, but some people don’t have a clue how nosy it is when you walk on your heals. If you have people living below you try to walk softly and on your toes.

Wonder Box

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According to, “It might not look like it, but inside this box, there’s an armoire, a desk, a height-adjustable stool, two more stools, a six-shelf bookcase, and a bed with a mattress.”

Who says an entire ensemble of furniture cannot fit in a box? Any takers? Good, none.

Actually there is this German designed thingamajig that cramped every basic piece of furniture that you know into an 80 cm x 120 cm box. And it’s called a casulo.

Is it still unbelievable? You might as well check out the pictures instead.

Or you might want to take a quick look at their video.

Or watch it here:

As of this writing, the designer still has not found the right company that will carry it for mass production. I hope that this will be out in the market soon.

Visit their website at:

Choosing To Go Green

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It is something admirable whenever a corporation or a business decides that they want to help care for Mother Nature and preserve the earth. Condominiums are now following the trend of using sustainable materials, saving the earth one step at a time.

When choosing a place to live in, it’s always better to support green living. It doesn’t pollute the earth much and it is built in every way to preserve, reuse and renovate in an ecological manner. There are also so many benefits of living in an environmental friendly building. First and most important is that your health is automatically improved just by being the environment. Breathe easier and separate yourself from the pollution from the outside world.

Have the natural sun shine on you. Homes with natural lighting save a lot of money and is essentially more beautiful to look at. This also saves electricity which then allows you to cut down on the bills.

Desirable Condominium Attributes

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What to look for: Desirable Condominium attributes

High owner-occupancy rate (minimum of 51%)
Stable monthly condominium fee
Sufficient capital reserves (as evidenced in 5 year capital improvement plan)
Strong, professional condominium management team (both on-site and parent company)
Active, involved condominium Board of Directors
Well maintained common areas
Association rules regarding occupancy, parking, pets, etc.
Independent utility meters? Pros and Cons:

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Recycled Insulating Products

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One of the most expensive parts of the home is the insulation which keeps the warmth from the heating system in during the colder months and keeping the cooled air within during warmer months. There used to be widespread use of cellulose wall insulation that is basically virgin paper trimmings mixed with an adhesive and some preservatives that prevents pest infestation but now, there are more recycled cellulose fillers that are good as the virgin pulp products and are very much environmentally friendly.
They are blown into the walls as they are being put up, just before they are closed up with all electrical and plumbing fixtures and pipes (please include access panels and provisions for additional installations). Adding more that you really need in terms of electrical conduits, greatly reduces the need for extensive work on the walls when they are indeed needed.

Small Spaces

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Always plan before heading for a grocery shopping. Remember that you live in a small space and  have limited storage room. If you are on the hunt for sale, keep in mind that there are some things that you don’t need in the condo and will be a mess eventually. Clutter makes a small room even smaller. To attain a pleasant but well-ventilated ambiance, store things in devious spaces, for instance under the bed or sofa, in the cabinet or over the fridge.  Try to divide the space also into mini rooms as well so you can have other spaces for storage.  

Live in a condo, Know the rules

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If you decide to live in a condo, you must know about the rules and regulations so that you may be assured of an orderly stay. In condos, ownership is divided between single families and the other tenants of the building. This makes freedom more limited and more restrained that’s why you have to establish your rights and obligations. Read these rules in documents like “Declaration”, “By-Laws” and “Common Element Rules”. All condos have these and the rules differ from one condo to another. There is a Board of Directors that manage and maintain the assets of the condo and you could talk to them if you have any questions.

Earthy Homes – Efficient Homes

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There is a constant revision of the way our homes are constructed and what do you know, we are again turning to technology that has been in use for millions of years till now in impoverished homes in Africa and elsewhere. A move to make earthen homes again all the rage is one of the the best solutions to the energy crisis for the many enticing advantages these homes offer us. First, they are made of dirt and straw so they can be way cheaper. They can be made to work with current modern framing technology, that can only get better with the advantages of a better understanding of what needs to be addressed. They are naturally insulated from external temperatures so they mostly maintain a proper balance of moisture making them a joy to live in. You may have to trim down on the painting and rich colors for they work best left natural hence they may lose their insulating properties. Earthen homes was one of the earliest forms of home construction that served our ancestors well, why can’t it serve the same purpose for us now?

Condo Living for Dummies

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If you are planning to move in a condo and do not have any idea on what the first few steps are, then you came to the right place. Browse ideal condos as much as you can. Being able to have the time to choose the right condo is something that you should put in your list, but make sure to put a deadline so you can move as soon as possible. Ask relatives and friends. Normally, there will always be someone in your life who knows a good place, so make sure to also have a list of family and friends to get great deals. You may also want to visit the top choices of condos you have picked, this will help you choose fast. Make sure that before agreeing on getting the chosen condo, you are given all the necessary details and read all the documents to prevent future harm in the pocket.

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